a community interest company run by local people, co-ordinating informal support, neighbour to neighbour.

Building on the kindness given and received during the Pandemic, the BradTog Steering Group has been thinking about how Bradninch Together might continue supporting the community in the longer term.  We've registered as a CIC as a means of continuing to coordinate Mutual Aid activities such as practical help and the BradAid fund while also offering an umbrella to support other local projects.  To find out who we are, watch the video below and see the 'About Us' pages. To read our policies and governance documents click here.

With rising food, energy and fuel costs, there's growing financial pressure on all households - and on top of this, many folk have experienced a reduction in income or the withdrawal of Government support. Could you set aside a donation to BradAid? Click here to find out how you can help.
If you would benefit from a BradAid donation or know someone else who might, please
click here to apply.

***Thanks to other people in our community for donating***

There's a growing group of people interested in raising awareness and developing community Mental Aid around mental health. Informative posts are also available. For further info, click here.

If you or someone you care for needs a hand with day-to-day tasks like shopping or collecting meds, there's a network of volunteers ready to help.  Click here for details.

If you'd like to volunteer to help with practical support, click here.

And if you've a great idea for a community project and would welcome support and advice, click here.  Information on existing projects affiliated to BradTog can be found here.

Bradninch Together CIC is commited to following Safeguarding best practice.  Click here to view our safeguarding policy.

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We welcome your  ideas, resources and comments

If you need assistance or wish to become a Bradninch Together Volunteer  please visit the  Practical support  page for your Zone Co-ordinator contact details 

Thanks for contributing!