A Hardship Fund for the Bradninch and Hele Community

When times are hard the BradAid fund will quickly help with

money. We are responding to the Coronavirus pandemic with

funds donated by the people of Bradninch and Hele.

We aim to give quick access to awards of up to £50. We will take

each request at face value based on trust. Applications can be

made through our website and will be confidential.

How to apply

  1. To apply for BradAid please fill out one of the forms below.

  2. To apply for yourself, fill in the blue form; to apply on behalf of another, please fill in the orange form. 

  3. We will respond quickly, within 3 days, but likely to be much sooner.

  4. Your application for up to £50 will be considered by BradAid.

  5. An award decision is final.  

More Detail

  • Each award is up to £50, and is usually made to a bank account - though an alternative payment method can be discussed.

  • The number of awards per person is limited to 4 in any calendar year (£200)

  • Applicants should live within the Bradninch Together area or be making an application for someone who does.

  • Applications on behalf of someone, by family or carers, will be allowed to accommodate those who are incapacitated.

  • Applicants will be contacted with the outcome of their application and to take banking details or discuss alternatives.  They will also be offered signposting to other sources of support.

  • There is no follow- up or auditing; the award is a gift without oversight, to be of help.

  • There is no appeals process.

  • When the fund is gone, it is gone. If all the money has been distributed, we cannot make any ongoing commitment to fulfilling requests.

  • If the reason for the request matches another source of funding we may redirect the applicant to that alternative fund.

How to Donate

.Donations can be made by bank transfer, please add the reference BradAid. Donations will be confidential unless you advise otherwise and you would like to feature on our website.  

Account Details:

Bradninch Together Community Interest Company

Account no. 29695662

Sort code 30-98-97

BradAid Donations

Together with anonymous donations

the following have donated to the fund:

  • Bradninch Life

  • Bradninch Painting Group

  • Bradninch Twinning Association

  • Bradninch Gardening Club


If you are applying for yourself, please provide the following information
* please complete every section otherwise this form will not be submitted.
If you are applying on behalf of another person, please provide the following information
* please complete every section otherwise this form will not be submitted.

Thank you for submitting. 


BradAid will call you with the decision and to discuss any payment.