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Corin's Guide to Illustration: Resources for Illustrators

Welcome to the Bradninch Together illustrator's guide. In this series, I will be going over different tips and tricks for illustration and character design, and how to apply them to your creative work. For this first update, I will be providing resources for creatives and illustrators to help their work.

Blue Vertigo - An all-in-one website where you can find creative resources such as 3D models, vector images, fonts, stock photos and more.

Character Design References - A website when you can find resources for character design and share your designs with other people

Behance - A website run by Adobe for creatives to upload their work and look at the portfolios of others in the industry

Only Pencil - Free online tutorials for drawing with pencil, where you can learn to draw things from hair to animals to the human eye

Illustration Age - A website for news, information and resources for illustration

Online Tutorials - Free online tutorials for learning anatomy, perspective and character design, by committed creators

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