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Corin's Guide to Illustration: Shapes

Welcome to the second creative activity for Bradninch Together. In these updates I will be taking you through a principle of illustration and art. This week I will be talking about creating characters with shapes.

The shapes you use to create the overall silhouette of the character can help convey parts of that character’s personality to your audience. The three most basic shapes for this are circles, squares and triangles.

Here you can see with my example from the previous week’s task, that circles convey a friendly, approachable personality, squares show a strong, reliable character, and triangles can mean the person is aggressive or dangerous. The example shown uses these quite simply, but you can also use these to create more complex characters.

These characters are more subtle in the way that they’re designed, and you might not notice it at first, but I’ve used shapes in the way that they’re constructed to help bring their personality across.

This shows the way that I’ve used the basic shapes to help build up these more complex characters, and how they bring across their personality in their design. Give it a try yourself and see what characters you can make!

Once you’ve tried out making your own illustrations, be sure to upload them to our Facebook group at to share them with the rest of the community!

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