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Corin's Guide to Illustration: Silhouettes

Welcome to the first creative activity for Bradninch Together. In these updates I will be taking you through a principle of illustration and art. This week I will be talking about silhouettes in character design.

When designing a character, it is important that they have a clear and distinct silhouette that is easily recognisable. If you look at your favourite characters, you can probably tell who they are just from their outline. For this week’s activity, I will upload a series of silhouettes so we can see what interesting characters you can make!

These silhouettes are made of simple shapes that are easy to understand, so if you’re new to art give these a try and see what characters you can create, here’s some examples of the characters I made:

As you can see, I didn’t stay completely restricted to the silhouettes and I broke outside the lines in a few places, so don’t be afraid to be creative with this!

If you’re more experienced in illustration and character design, have a try at making something from these more complex shapes, I had a bit of a challenge with them, but here’s what I made:

Once you’ve tried out making your own illustrations, be sure to upload them to our Facebook group at to share them with the rest of the community!

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