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New Art Competiton from Bradninch Together!

The creative team at Bradninch Together have organised a new art competition for all of the creatives in the community to show their talent!

The aim of the competition is to design one (or more) characters that you think best represent Bradninch and the local community. The competition is aimed to get people to be as creative as possible, so you can use whatever medium you prefer. This may be something traditional like pencils and pens, paint or sculpture, but you might also want to try writing, baking or gardening your character instead! The competition has no restrictions or age limit on who can enter, so feel free to enter, no matter who you are!

There are three prizes up of £15 national book tokens up for grabs, which will each be awarded to the winner of each different category:

  • Best Design: The award for the design which we feel best represents the community in Bradninch!

  • Most Creative: The award for the most interesting and creative use of materials! Don't be afraid to get weird!

  • Most Unique: The award for the design which really stands out from the rest! Think outside the box if you want to win this one!

Once you've created your design, take a picture of it and send it over to our Facebook Page. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to submit a physical entry, you can send it to Bradninch Together, 3 Jubilee Road, off Hele Road, Bradninch EX5 4PF with your name and contact number.

The competition will run from Monday 20th July to Friday 21st August, and the winners will be announced by the 27th August. Entries will be judged by local artists Eleanor Lang and Corin Astles. Additional rules can be found here.

Good Luck and Get Creative!

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