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Our BradTog website is here for you!

We realise that this is a challenging time during this Covid19 crisis. For some of us. there is some confusion as to what we can do and, for many vulnerable residents, the prospect of more lockdown time.

Use this site to keep up with latest news that might help you to work your way though the Covid maze, look after yourself well and seek any support you might need.

There are also lots of resources gathering on the site to help you cook, create, garden and relax.

We are so lucky that Elle and Corin, part of the BradTog website team, are posting creative projects for any of you to try. This sunflower was painted by Elle and I love it!

There are also a few sunflower seed packs outside 3 Jubilee Road if you have any under 12s who would like to join in the Bradninch Sunflower Project.

Let us continue to work together to get through this unprecedented period!

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