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The Bradninch Community Larder

A little time on your hands? A few hours to spare? Do not know what to do with those surplus veg or maybe even extra jars of home made jam? If the answer is yes to any of these questions then read on......

Sustainable Bradninch is co-ordinating a project to set up Bradninch Community Food Shed in our town.  This will be a community larder available to all, with the aim of reducing food waste and helping anybody who might be struggling at the moment.  There will be the opportunity to donate surplus food that would otherwise go to waste and to get creative (lots of surplus fruit in the Larder – why not turn some into jam and bring a few jars back?!).  Hygiene protocols will be followed and the items that can/cannot be accepted by the Larder clearly set out.

The Community Larder can only happen if there are enough volunteers willing to help with practical day-to-day tasks, which might include cleaning the food storage areas, removing items that are past their best and restocking the shelves and supplies of hand sanitiser, paper towels etc..  This shouldn’t take a great deal of time, and will probably be needed first thing in the morning and at the end of the day, so possible to fit around the working day.  Sustainable Bradninch are ideally looking for enough people for a 2-week rota (2 per day equals 28 volunteers) – the more people willing, the less often each person will be on duty!

If you are interested in volunteering, please email by Friday 7th August, and Sophie will pass a list of names and e-mail addresses on to Sustainable Bradninch.  At this stage you will not making any formal commitment, but are expressing interest in finding out more about what could be a really exciting community initiative!  Please do let Bradninch family and friends know of the opportunity to get involved.

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