Are you a budding baker, a green-fingered gardener or a super scarecrow sculptor?  Why not enter the first Bradninch Town Fair Produce Show?

The Produce Show is a celebration of the finest fare that Bradninch has to offer!  It's open to all ages and abilities; to the competitive and the less competitive!  Young people are really encouraged to get involved - though those under 16 must have permission from a parent or guardian; and the contact details of the parent or guardian - rather than those of the applicant - must be provided.

All of the judges are esteemed local residents with a particular penchant for the item(s) in their category.  We're grateful to them for giving up their time and expertise!

All categories other than the Scarecrows will be judged on the Cricket Field on Town Fair Day.  The Scarecrow Competition will be judged around town on Thursday 22nd September.  Entrants will receive further information on arrangements for the day upon registration.

What are the categories, we hear you cry?!  Please read on for a complete list, together with entry criteria for each one.  Registration is free (if you want to show your appreciation, please throw some pennies in one of the buckets on Fair Day).  There are two ways to register: either on Eventbrite by clicking here or by picking up a paper form from the Spar (available from 5th August).

Produce Show Categories

Fruit and Veg: Open to Entrants Age 12+

Only one entry per class.  All entries should be pest-free.  In assessing the merits of exhibits of fruits and vegetables the following features will be considered: Condition, uniformity, size, colour.

3 specimens, foliage trimmed to approx. 75mm/3 inches.

3 specimens: thin necks, unbroken skin, no roots.

A proper Bradninch Whopper!

1 specimen.

4 specimens: good skin condition.

The oddest shaped vegetable from your crops!

4 specimens, stalks attached, clean unblemished skins.

4 specimens, stalks attached, clean unblemished skins.

1. Carrots

2. Onions

3. The Heaviest Marrow

4. The Largest Runner Bean

5. Potatoes

6. The Most Misshapen Vegetable

7. Cooking Apples

8. Eating Apples

Categories Open to All Ages

Produce Show Facebook Cover.png

12. Classic Victoria Sponge, fit for a Vicar of Bradninch

14. A Sumptuously Decorated Cupcake

15. A Little Something made with Cheese

With two homemade scones and homemade jam: well risen and tasty scones, attractively presented.

Not too sweet or sour; clear & bright natural colour; filled to within 1 cm of top, clearly labelled (month/year made/contents) and attractively presented in plain glass jar; uniform, tender fruit with pieces holding their shape; spreadable.

Mature; filled to within 1cm of top; clearly labelled (month/year made/contents); attractively presented in plain glass jar; vinegar resistant lid (i.e. plastic lined metal or plastic); uniform fruit or veg which are tender and hold their shape; spreadable.

Tasty, well risen; uniform in shape; evenly cooked; attractively presented.

Crusty; good flavour and texture; attractively presented.

Homemade; well risen; original and edible decoration; well presented.

Vegan or non-vegan: pastry, scones, bread etc.

To be arranged in a jam pot, honey pot or bottle; from gardens, hedgerows or grown in entrant's garden; dried or fresh flowers; wild grasses, leaves and flowers all allowed.

9. A Very Devon Cream Tea, fit for the Queen!

10. A Jar of Tasty Homemade Jam

11. A Jar of Homemade Chutney

13. Freshly Baked Homemade Bread

16. Natural Flowers

Categories for Children Under 12

19. A Basket or Box of Fruit and Veg for Red Riding Hood's Grandma

Made from edible fruit and veg!

In a foil tray, an imaginative garden using sticks, stones, seeds, pebbles, plants etc.

Originally presented containing at least 3 home-grown specimens.

Use your imagine to make a Crown fit for a Queen out of recycled materials.

17. A Monster on a Plate

18. A Magical Mini Garden

20. A Bradninch Jubilee Crown

Produce Show Facebook Cover.png
Produce Show Facebook Cover.png

Family, Individual or Group Entry

A figure/family of figures made from recycled materials; a Harvest celebration; imaginative use of materials; original presentation.  Visible at the front of the house or building.

21. A Bradninch Harvest Scarecrow

Chosen your categories?  Now click here to enter online - and have fun!